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I just bought a 1978 CJ7. It came with a 258 / T150 / Dana 20. I'm planning to swap in a 4.0 and have my T150 bellhousing machined for a CPS by Novak. I know the T150 bellhousing has the Ford tranny pattern so I could use a NP435 or T18 tranny.

1) If I do use a NP435 or T18, is there a good transfer case that will bolt right up that is passenger front output, centered rear output?

2) How about keeping the T150? Is it a good tranny?

3) What about an AX-15?

Basically, I want a solid transmission and transfer case that will work with my stock axles and won't need any $500 adapters, so if you have any other suggestions, go ahead.

My flame suit is on, but I have spent a few hours searching for this information, and you guys seem to be the experts on this stuff. This is my first real Jeep project, and I want to do it right. The Jeep won't be used for hardcore rockcrawling, but I want a drivetrain that will hold up to some abuse.
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