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DRW 60 and H1 wheels

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I'm planning running 60's under my buggy with 42's Irok and Hummer wheels. But with stock Humvee wheels it would less wide then fullsize... Do you see any problem running DRW hubs and H1 wheels? Any pics or mesure?
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Thats what I'm setting up. Right now it is sitting at about 80.5" outside of tire to outside of tire w/ the stock military MT's.

I think its a good width, but you do have about an 3/4 inch of hub that could be tagged, but w/ drive slugs it would be next to flush.

I can grab a pic and email it to you later.
I run drw hubs on my jeep. My 60's are narrowed for tight trails so I can swap back and forth from narrowed to fullwith by swapping hubs in front and wheel spacers rear.Lets me run tight trails one weekend and switch it to full widthfor the sand and mud the next weekend. :cool2:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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