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Recently got give brand new 130L Landcruiser tank. Looking to add it to my current setup but not sure which is best route. I'm also getting fuel starvation issues with current setup(electric intank pump, stock 65L tank no baffles or sump) at 45L it starts to cough and splutter.

The way I see it I can run a surge tank with an external lift pump and stick current intank one in the surge. other and cheaper/easier was to run a holley hydramat. I've heard good things and its not as a surge/ it will probably get the job done for my use. Enter the second tank.

Three options I see. First, add a second intank pump to the second tank and run it as a separate system so once ones empty just switch over to the other. probably only slightly cheaper than second option after new pump, hanger and fittings. added bonus of redundancy if a pump dies.

Second, run a line into the second tank and have a valve to switch over the external lift pump feeding the surge tank to which ever tank Im using. Probably the most expensive route and not much redundancy but it would probably run upside down if i wanted.

Third, add a transfer pump and transfer fuel from auxiliary tank to main tank when its low. This is probably the cheapest and if i use the hydramat would probably solve fuel starvation issues as well.

What do yall reckon, opinions or experiences?
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