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<FONT COLOR="yellow">We need to do everything we can to prevent this from locking us out of our Land!</FONT c>

Two articles of importance:

More Land for the WildLands Conservancy; Less Land for Recreation -
Owens Valley, CA
For almost 100 years, the Los Angles DWP has been managing land for
multiple use recreation while keeping it free from development. The
DWP is entering negotiations to sell development rights for more than
320,000 acres to be managed as a conservation easement...

What Happens When....??? - The Wildlands Conservancy as a Property Owner
In 1998, the Wildlands Conservancy assumed control of a parcel of
land bounded by BLM and SBNF public lands in an area generally known
as Pipes Canyon. Soon after acquiring the property, signs were

Prevent a land grab, with a careful vote for LA Mayor. (Los Angles Residents)

You have a chance to prevent a land grab, that will exclude
mechanized recreation from the Eastern Sierra, by encouraging your
voting friends in Los Angeles to NOT vote for Antonio Villaragosa in
the Mayor's election next week.

Mr. Villaragosa is currently the Democratic front runner, and enjoys
the endorsement of the Sierra Club and our Governor Gray Davis. His
position on environment issues follows a strict Sierra Club line (as
does his fundraising). The recent media leak about the Los Angeles
DWP selling easement rights to their Eastern Sierra land holdings is
strongly supported by Mr. Villaragosa.

<FONT COLOR="yellow">"Its a Wheelbase Thing, Your Jeep Wouldn't Understand"</FONT c>

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