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Pete, call JB Conversions. Between him and the guys at NVG, I found out that it would be a PITA to try and get there

There are things you can and can't swap. I tried to do this with my 241. I was gonna swipe the fixed year yoke off of a Dodge case, but there are too many things that wouldn't allow it.

As for clocking the case, you can put it upside down if you want. Some folks have said that the oil pump would not allow for it, but the guys from NVG said that's not an issue. If you clocked the case up, then it gets tricky to fill it, but you are actually adding more fluid and making life easier on the parts and pump. The only thing to keep an eye on is the vent tube. NVG suggested building a catch tank/resevoir for the oil that will come out with a clocked case.

I'll see if I can dig up the names of the people at NVG that I talked to, they worked with me for about 2 weeks pulling prints and looking through the stuff. They may even fax you a copy of some of the original prints to help you out.

Don't know about the detent though. Haven't gotten that far :D
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