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EB Pro-jection

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Hey all I am considering going with holley's 2di kit on my EB. I have dual tanks and I am wondering if I need their dual tank kit or not. Any help is appreciated.
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have to say, my painless wiring harness has been more trouble than the projection. My 75' 302 is running a mild cam, and headers, with zero problems. You just have to UNDERSTAND the system to tune it, and it is nothing like a stock EFI. It is more like a carb with higher precision, and high angle ability. I would never use the ford EFI, simply because it is not an attractive setup, in my opinion, and it has alot more that can go wrong with it. the projection is super simple, and is very tunable if you understand the system.

Oh, and I saw a few of even the old analog systems out at the chili, and they worked flawlessly. But they are not for the basic bolt on back yard mech.
thus you could not get it to work, so I ask you, why does it work so well for others, and not you! You must have gotten a bad unit right!!! Tuning the system, is alot more complicated than the directions lead it to be, and you will not get it tuned just by reading the direction.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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