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EB Pro-jection

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Hey all I am considering going with holley's 2di kit on my EB. I have dual tanks and I am wondering if I need their dual tank kit or not. Any help is appreciated.
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rokcrln said:
Stay away from the Pro(blem)- jection! .
I second that! The only way I could get my pro-jection to work was to stick it back into the box it came in and bolt on a Q-jet! I'm swapping in a 351W and I'm going with the Howell system. BTW talk to the guys at Howell about sourcing some of the parts yourself and you can save a ton of money, they're pretty decent guys. I got my ecu and throttle body from a wrecking yard all I need from them is the prom (they custom burn it for your engine specs) and the wiring harness. I can use the pumps from my pro-jection unit (it was good for something after all!) and pick up the rest of the necessary sensors at just about any dealer or auto parts store. Hope that helps you some.:)
Another good thing about the Howell system is they use a GM ecu and, I believe, it is equipped with a "limp home mode" that is; it will continue to run if something should happen to the main program. Don't quote me, though, I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere.:eek:
lakotastoy said:

You are better off with a projection if you want to better troubleshoot your fuel system if problems do arrise. In terms of performance...well you gotta find out for yourself. Go for it. Live a little and learn a lot. I'm happy I did on my 72' EB!
I'm sorry but , my Pro-Jection sysyem gave me nothing but grief I later found out that it wasn't recommended for anything but a totally stock motor it won't tolerate even the mildest cams, was hard to start when warm, it would flood, can you imagine trying to start it in gear while balanced in some crazy off camber position and have to have it floored just so it'll start, the ecu was real sensitive to voltage changes too, it'd die when ever I'd run my winch. And believe me it was installed and adjusted exactly per instructions (I'm real anal in that respect) all in all it was about a $1100 mistake ( the system, dual tank kit, fuel line etc...) Spend a little more money and go with factory EFI or one of the GM (gulp!) based systems, you'll be much happier! One positive thing about it though, it got great gas mileage on the highway, once you got it started.:eek:
Well, you guys must have been lucky then! Everybody I knew, or met, that had Pro-Jection was less than satisfied with the performance of the system. Believe me I'm a very competant mechanic and had spent alot of time tuning and adjusting it but, it never ran the way I thought it should. Let me ask you something, when your motor's warm will it start right up without touching the gas pedal? Mine wouldn't. I'd have to give it just the slightest tap and that would send it into a high idle for several seconds. Totally unaceptable when you're in a situation where you got to start it in gear! And if it didn't start right away it'd flood. I made several calls to Holley's tech dept. and they were no help at all. Oh, yeah according to them there was no "limp home" program in the ecu (I carried a carb. and tubing to bypass the pumps with me at all times and I left the stock fuel pump bolted onto the motor) Anybody interested in buying what's left of my system PM me, I'll let it go for cheap!:(
Puffdragon said:
. You just have to UNDERSTAND the system to tune it.
Gimme a break! What the hell is there to "UNDERSTAND", it ain't fucking rocket science, there isn't shit to the system. It all comes down to what one finds acceptable. And I'm far from a backyard, bolt on mechanic, shees!:rolleyes:
Puffdragon said:
thus you could not get it to work, so I ask you, why does it work so well for others, and not you! You must have gotten a bad unit right!!! Tuning the system, is alot more complicated than the directions lead it to be, and you will not get it tuned just by reading the direction.
Okay, so what's so special about the way you tune your's. I've done it all; I tuned it the way Holley recommends, crap. Called Holley's tech guys,I think I knew more about it than they did (no help at all). I tuned it with a vacuum guage and tach, ran pertty decent, but, not good enough for me (my main gripe was the warm starting performance as mentioned earlier). I even used an air/fuel ratio meter. Don't get me wrong it made more power, was smoother and got better mileage than my carb but the warm starting performance was maddening! I even got so irritated with it that I had it "professionally" tuned, it ran better when I did it! You know, if my truck had an auto trans I'd have kept it. I wouldn't have to worry about restarting if/when you stall when crawling nasty terrain, like with a manual trans. BTW you should take a poll to see who is happy with thier Pro- Jection, I'm willing to bet you'd find more people with stories like mine. Maybe your performance expectations are just lower than mine.:eek:
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CloudWatcher said:
Hey, I understood it completely. I did a Vulcan mind meld with it and understood that it is a piece of junk and you're better off with a Carter. If you want something reliable, use GM throttle body injection system. BTW, what do you know about Broncos anyway, Oatmeal? Ever since you bought that Toyota, you forgot how to work on your Bronco. It's been parked now for how many years? It's become your stepchild. Need to get off your a$$ and fix it so that I have room to work on my trucks in your driveway.

Friggin clown!:flipoff2:
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