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EB Pro-jection

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Hey all I am considering going with holley's 2di kit on my EB. I have dual tanks and I am wondering if I need their dual tank kit or not. Any help is appreciated.
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Hey, I understood it completely. I did a Vulcan mind meld with it and understood that it is a piece of junk and you're better off with a Carter. If you want something reliable, use GM throttle body injection system. BTW, what do you know about Broncos anyway, Oatmeal? Ever since you bought that Toyota, you forgot how to work on your Bronco. It's been parked now for how many years? It's become your stepchild. Need to get off your a$$ and fix it so that I have room to work on my trucks in your driveway.

1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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