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We are pleased to be joining your community, and we look forward to discussing all things brakes with you! In recent years we have developed and reformulated our range of pads and continue to grow and improve always. Our latest formula for Yellowstuff Sport and Greenstuff Elite pads deliver a high performance brake pad designed for towing, off roading, and all 4x4 related activities, as well as our current development of our Extra Duty pads, which will be longer lasting and withstand higher heats than any previous EBC Truck, SUV & 4x4 pad.

Why not share any photos with us of your EBC brake setups and tell us what you think of our products. We are here to assist with any problems you encounter or application questions you might have, we look forward to some great interaction within the Pirate 4x4 world.

Please visit our online retailer HERE (North America) or HERE (EU/UK) to view our full product range.

When using the above suppliers, you can redeem a 10% discount at checkout with code FORUM10USER !

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