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EBC Brakes Thermic Black Corrosion Resistant Finish

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Tested with the industry standard salt spray test, the Thermic Black Corrosion Resistant finish used on all EBC Rotors, and now the EBC Brakes Racing 2-piece fully floating rotor, is shown to last between 2-5 years dependant on conditions, the latest tech in rust prevention.

The entire rotor face as well as the edges are covered in this anti-corrosive coating. Once fitted to your vehicle the coating will come off of the swept area and remain on the edges and the unswept area. This coating wears off of the pad track area during the bedding process, achieved even quicker when using EBC Brakes pads with the unique brake-in™ coating, leaving the edge and unswept area free from rust. Any rust that may form on the rotor will only be in the pad track, which during use will remove the rust, keeping your entire rotor rust free.

For more information on our product range head to www.ebcbrakes.com
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