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I don't know exactly where this story came from, but here is an excerpt. Suckling is the Executive Director of the Center for Biological Diversity. This is an extreme environmentalist organization as you can see....

Reporter: "You are forcing change on society and you are aware of it?"

Suckling: "Yeah! Isn't that what an activist is! What do you think an activist is? We change society!"

Reporter: "Can't you do this in a humane and gentle way?"

{take a deep breath before reading on}

Suckling: "It is sad, but I don't hear you put that in a direct relationship to the effect on the land. I hear you talk about the pain of the people but I don't see you match that up with the pain of the species."

Reporter: (dumbfounded) "What?"

Suckling: A loach minnow is more important, than say, Betty and Jim's ranch - a thousand times more important. I'm not against ranching, it is a job. My concern is the impact on the land."

This is what we are up against.


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Can you believe that sh*t , It will allways be an up hill battle
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