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1995 jeep cherokee ECORS class A 2012 legal for sale.

-stock 4.0
-swapped in an aw4 from a 95
-stock t-case
-Recently replaced steering pump, steering lines.
-Drango steering box with new spare steering box
-3/4 heim steering with 1.25 .250 wall tube
-3/4 heim track bar made of 1.25 .250 wall tube
-d30 front with arb, chromo shafts, arb 3.73 gears, new ball joints and unit bearings this summer, Rusty's lower control arm mounts, plated inner C's
-8.8 rear, factory limited slip, discs, trussed, and skidplated
-Prothane coil inserts
-Relocated gas tank
-8pt cage 1.5 .120 wall DOM tube construction
-internal frame stiffening, and new rear frame
-RJS 5pt harness, and extra lap belt and anti submarine belt
-Corbeau baja SS drivers seat
-Frenched in 2x6 rocker gaurds
-Relocated Griffin radiator. Temps do not get above 195 while raceing or trail riding
- 33x12.50 tires on black steelies about half tread.
- One new mud rover 33

Spare parts:
High pinion 30, 3.07's, open
8.25, 3.07's welded
8.25 unknown gears, and probably open
Leaf springs
spare rear shock
axle shafts
drive shafts
3.55 gears for 8.25
open carrier for lp d30 with 3.73 gears
spare steering hoses
spare brake lines

Winch, and pig are not included with sale

This is a very competitive setup, 2012 legal when you add a winch $4000 neg

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