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its that season again; race season!!!!

March 23 will be in Dayton, TN. This event will be a little different than what we have done in the past.

ECORS makes its 2013 debut at a completely new venue for us in Dayton, TN!!!
This venue offers fantastic spectator areas that are VERY easy to get to and where you can see a big majority of the course! This venue has been hosting 4×4 events for years but this will be the first endurance type event at the facility. There are fantastic rocks and wide open, rolling hills for the teams that are set up for speed! This course will test both the speed and rock crawling abilities of every team!

Friday, March 22
•Racer check in starts at 9am on site
•Tech Inspection opens at 9am, closes at 6pm
•Pre running for all classes, 10am until 6pm
•Qualifying from 6pm until 10pm

Saturday, March 23
•Meet the drivers, 10am until 11am
•UTV, Stock Class, Modified Stock Class race staging at 11am, starts at 11:30am, ends at 3:30pm
•Modified and Unlimited class staging at 4pm, race starts at 4:30pm, ends at 9pm
•Awards ceremony at 10pm, then bonfire and afterparty!

We will be on site on Thursday and access to the facility will be open to race teams Thursday afternoon. Tech inspections on Thursday are by appointment only. Tech Inspections on Saturday are by appointment only.
Admission for spectators is $15/day. Kids 8 and under are free!
Camping is available for spectators and racers. Tent spots are $5 each per night, RV spots are $10 each per night. No hookups.
Food vendors will be on site!

For "Meet the Drivers", everyone should pull their rig up to the course in front of the rocks by the spectator areas. This is here to promote the drivers and give the spectators a chance to mingle with the teams and ask questions, etc. We ask that everyone participate in this. While there is no penalty for not participating, it is part of the weekend for you and spectators.

Tech Inspection times are published. We will have someone dedicated to this during this time. If you wish to go through inspection early or are late and need to go through tech later than the published times, you will need to schedule this in advance. Tech Inspections outside of the published times are $50. This is not a penalty but meerly put in place to encourage teams to go through tech as scheduled. If we need to break from our schedule from doing other things, then it slows us down and causes us additional costs. So, $50 for tech inspections early or late. Remember, you are REQUIRED to go through tech prior to qualifying.

Qualifying is REQUIRED. You will get 2 qualifying runs. You must run at least 1 of the 2 runs for each class you are registered in (if you register for 2 classes, you must run at least 1 qualifying run for each class). Your best time between the 2 runs will determine your start position. If you are not a season member, you will start behind all of the members regardless of qualifying time. But, your start position in relation to other non-season members will be determined by your qualifying time. If you miss qualifying, you will start behind everyone and will be assessed a 15 minute penalty on race day.

We will have lights on site to illuminate the rock section of course at night! Racers need to be prepared with proper lights on rigs for the course in the woods and pit support!

Address of the venue is:
35 Pitts Gap Rd.
Graysville, TN

Registration will open Feb. 23, 2013 for race teams. Team membership registration is currently open at www.ecors.com. If your racing for points, you need to have your team membership registration completed prior to signing up for this race!

Race entry fees:
UTV: $100
Stock Class: $75
Modified Stock: $150
Modified Class: $175
Unlimited Class: $200

For the first 2 weeks, race entry fees will remain constant. After 2 weeks, entry fees will raise by 10% each week until the race. Race registration on site will incur a $20 late registration fee in addition to normal entry fees. Payouts will be determined by the payout table on the ECORS website. Stock class is a TROPHY class only! There will be no prize $. Trophies and sponsor prizes will still be awarded to the top finishers.

For more info on this event or if you wish to race, you can contact ECORS by calling 252 341 2016 or by sending us an email at: [email protected]

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to seeing you on race weekend!

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Its getting close!!!

Registration is now OPEN!!!

We have hundreds of posters up and thousands of flyers out and even some TV commercials starting on March 11!

The crowd in Dayton is always great and with a full weekend endurance event coming out, I'm sure there will be a larger crowd than normal ready to see 50+ racers get it on!!!

Be there or be square! March 22-23 in Dayton, TN!!!

Online info and online registration info here: Dayton, TN | East Coast Offroad Racing

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I've had about 4 more sign up today so the race numbers are increasing every day!

Plus, Dayton always brings out a good crowd!

Course is just a little over 4 miles long with some long fast sections that loop back to the rocks. Be sure the Modified and Unlimited guys have lights!! :D

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How many are registered for C class????

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I'm still in the road but will have report posted this evening.

Class C
1st Chicky Barton
2nd Adam Macke
3rd Bill Dyson

Class B
1st Adam Macke
2nd Chris Brower
3rd Dustin Delgado

Class A
1st Travis Wilson
2nd Dylan Wiles
3rd TJ Beyer

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Class U results:

1st: with 37 laps, #7x Lukas Edmonson Total ET: 3h 59m
2nd: with 33 laps, #08 Chad Collins Total ET: 3h 52m 59s
3rd: with 28 laps, #415 Les Center
4th: with 13 laps, #101 Brit Mansel
5th: with 12 laps, #112 Jeremy McNab
6th: with 4 laps, #1989 Bill Barton

Class A results:

1st: with 37 laps, #6 Travis Wilson Total ET: 3h 54m 56s
2nd: with 35 laps, #14 Dylan Wiles Total ET: 3h 54m 31s
3rd: with 32 laps, #5 TJ Beyer Total ET: 3h 58m 17s
4th: with 32 laps, #94 Marc Zaboth Total ET: 3h 59m 23s
5th: with 26 laps, #3739 Ted Holt
6th: with 24 laps, #36 Scott Lang
7th: with 21 laps, #4605 Tyson Vaughn
T9th: with 16 laps, #17H Jessica Huffman
T9th: with 16 laps, #1012 David Slauter
10th: with 12 laps, #101 Nicholas Cooper
11th: with 11 laps, #713 Mike Hitchcock
12th: with 10 laps, #157 Kenny Kizzar
13th: with 7 laps, #4677 Roger King
14th: with 4 laps, #666 Tony Hirko
T17th: with 1 lap, #4671 Jared Huffman
T17th: with 1 lap, #11 Don Holley
T17th: with 1 lap, #187 Richard Ristine

Class B results:

1st: with 21 laps, #7 Adam Macke
2nd: with 13 laps, #66 Chris Brower
3rd: with 1 lap, #73 Dustin Delgado

Class C results:

1st: with 26 laps, #144 Chicky Barton
2nd: with 21 laps, #7 Adam Macke
3rd: with 13 laps, #999 Bill Dyson
4th: with 10 laps, #22 Chris Weygandt
5th: with 3 laps, #24 Jason Corlew
6th: with 2 laps, #12 Jeff McCullough

Total ETs were not figured for Class B and C because the lap count difference between each of the podium finishers were enough that it wasn't warranted, unlike for Class A.

I appreciate everyone that came out and I had a great time!

Thanks to all the volunteers, workers, the Kizzars, EMS, fans, racers, and sponsors! This could not have been an event without any one of you, so THANK YOU! I'll post a seperate Thank You thread this evening!

Get your rigs back together, Auburn, AL is coming up fast! Next race is May 4 at the Great American Park in Auburn, AL. Course is set and will be similar to the past courses but will have a few different items. John has made some changes to the course and I'm going to incorporate a lot of his changes. For the B and C guys, there will be more rocks than in the past but they will be mild so its raceable. I've included a bridge into the course, so you'll loop over top of yourself by use of a bridge, so we'll see how that pans out!

As we get closer, I'll add more race info for Auburn!

Thanks all and I look forward to the next one!

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