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I am going to start parting my AMC 360 that I built... the first thing I want to sell is the Pro Flo 2 fuel injection system. It runs perfectly fine, I have the complete setup, and the new instructions can be downloaded right from edelbrock.

It includes everything that came with the kit, except the fuel pump I'm keeping.

Kit #35310 will fit amc 304, 360, 390, 401 and makes over 400+ horsepower

Intake assembly
fuel rails and injectors
full wiring harness
handheld computer module
o2 sensor

Easy to hook up... just plugin harness, connect a positive, run fuel line to it, set distributor to 10 degrees and away you go...

The instruction manually has all the procedures... and you can get a new fuel pump from anywhere for about 80 bucks.

I can box and ship if someone buys, it's all out of the jeep, just need to clean it up and box it.

Electronic Fuel Injection - Pro-Flo 2 - AMC - Edelbrock, LLC.

$3500 - $3700 new ($2100 shipped, lower 48)
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