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EEC IV to Duraspark 2 conversion problem

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I've got an 85 ford f150 302 with the feedback carb and eec IV ignition. I'm having nothing but problems getting it to pass Dallas emmissions and I want to go to a vacuum/mechanical advance ignition and a regular 2100 carb.

I picked up a duraspark 2 distributor off a 80 something e150 with a 302 thinking that a 302 is a 302 ,but when I brought it home I found that it is very different. The hex hole that drives the oil pump is bigger on the duraspark, and it is longer.

Is there a distributor that will drop right in to my engine? please help, this is frustrating :mad:
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i counted 12 intake manifold bolts, is that a reliable way to tell them apart?
so how do I tell them apart besides pulling the distributor now that I figure that one out
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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