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have an 87 efi 4runner.
intermittent promlem is: when diving in 2nd or 3rd gear on the pavement under heavy acceleration I can sometimes feel the power change noticably about halfway though the powerband. it doesn't feel like it's boggin' at the low end . the power just changes ?????
another problem that i believe may be related
- cruisin' down the highway under moderate load( 4rth or 5th gear) and the engine seems like it chokes for just a second . it doesn't die and i don't have to stop or slow down , the engine just loses power for a split second.

any suggestions would be great.

here's what i've aready changed trying to get this darn thing to run corectely; ECM, distributor, ignitor, coil, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, fuel filter, fuel pump, battery and cables, temp sensor, cleaned throttle body

not much left!!!
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