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El Burro Loco Build Round 2
2010 FJ Cruiser TTSE

First build thread was a cluster**** so I figured I would redo it since a ton has changed and I have received a lot of request for info on the build from the newer forums I’ve ventured to…. So here is the menu.

*Removed – Didn’t really have a vision for the build so bunch of crap has been on and off the rig. Some due to newer mods, some carnage, but mostly just reaching the limits of what the parts can handle and upgrading from there. The rig went from a DD to a weekend wheeler/lawn ornament due to work needs for a pick up. Hence the mods are getting more fun….


OME 883’s*
OME 884’s (Medium)*
Toytec Rear Springs*
FOX 2.5” Coilovers w/ ext resi*
Walker Evans 2.5” Coilovers w/ ext resi
Walker Evans 2.0” Rear shocks w/ ext compression adj
All Pro 2” Rear Springs*
All Pro 3.5” Rear Springs
Total Chaos 1” UniBall UCA’s
Total Chaos Spindle Gussets
All Pro Hub centric 1.5” Wheel spacer front/ 1.25” rear
All Pro adj lower links
Timberen Front/Rear bumpstops

TRD 16” Fakelocks
285/75/16 Firestone Mud Terrain (Destroyed)*
315/75/16 Goodyear MT/R Kevlar

All Pro IFS/Transmission/Transfer Case Skids*
All Pro Link fr/r link mount skids
All Pro Shock Skids
Boztec Diff Skid
Bud Built Tummy Tuck Skids
Outdoor Logic Front Plate Bumper*
Trailworx Custom tube winch bumper (in progress now)
Custom Rear bumper w/fold down stinger tire carrier built by RPM
Outdoor Logic Sliders

Engine/Drive train
Marlin Crawler Lefty w/ 4.7:1 comp gears, single stick
Rear Diff hack (courtesy of the ADD switch w/the Lefty)
Flow Master 50 series
Custom Crossover pipe for Tummy Tuck
Dumped trail pipe
K&N drop in filter
Safari Snorkel
FJNewb SCUBA kit

(4) Baja Designs 6” Prerunner HID’s
(2) Rigid Dually’s Reverse/F*** You lights
Tantrum Rock LED’s w/techno dance strobe feature
Ultraguage (easily clear my Christmas lights on demand)
Garmin 76c GPS
Cobra CB

Engo 10K winch w/wireless remote
Viking winch line

Random Crap
Metal Tech Tube Doors w/nets
(Lactating) Expedition One Washer bottle
Baja Rack Light bar (retrofitted to actually work)
WAAG roof basket (in progress shortening to work with light bar)
Custom chopped rear wheel well for clearance
Rhino Lined rear corners under bumper
Trailworx BMC
All Pro Stainless extended rear brake lines
PIAA low bass horn

LINKS from previous build related threads for more info on some of the mods done

Marlin Crawler Lefty and Bud Built Tummy Tuck
EL Burro's Lefty and Tummy Tuck

Custom Rear Stinger
My little custom project...El Burro gets a swing DOWN


Future Plans

All Pro SAS Front w/ 3link, Rock Jock & coilovers
37’s & Bead locks
Rock Jock 60 Rear
Roll Cage w/ Chopped Roof

For starters…


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Nice build keep it up. Whats the time line for the 3 link. I am currently gathering parts to start my build. Shoot me a PM if you decide to sell those UCAs. I'm in the market for some.

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Nice build keep it up. Whats the time line for the 3 link. I am currently gathering parts to start my build. Shoot me a PM if you decide to sell those UCAs. I'm in the market for some.
Not sure anymore. Took it to JV last weekend to run Claw. Blew something out in the rear end possible the pass axle or R&P. Directing funds to that.

Probably not swapping the front anymore, going to a LT setup to retain the versatiliy for Baja etc, build a beater for rocks.....we'll see.

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Future Plans

All Pro SAS Front w/ 3link, Rock Jock & coilovers
37’s & Bead locks
Rock Jock 60 Rear
Roll Cage w/ Chopped Roof

For starters…

Get it!

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Mines for sale and fits what you want pretty close
Lol thanks phil but I don't think I can swing that deal at this time. SAS looks like it's coming off the list anyways, been gettin the itch real bad to start a new project. Thinking 1st gen full time crawler and keeping the FJ for Baja

little update
The turd is running, got my new to me, OG Trailworx roof rack bolted on Saturday. Going to be modifying my light bar to be adjustable and mount up lower with the new profile. Rear Dually's are going on the front for fogs, and the rear amber on the rack needs wiring. Going to be picking up a bad ass led magnet light that runs off 12v plug for my camp/repair light. That way I can see anywhere without repositioning the rig.

Took it to welks for a quickie on Sunday, got an exhaust leak at the cats. Nothing new, just another part falling off

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Diggin that rear bumper:smokin:
Any plans for SAS goin back on the list?
...I'm thinkin Super Dutys:evil:

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Any updates Bobby? Cant wait to see the roof chopped.
Not the updates you're looking for. Roof still attached. However the front has changed...this little pig got some long travel courtesy of Total Chaos and King. Decided I love Baja too much to lose a capable rig to a full gone sas. I'll be doing a crawler build once this one is finally done.

First test this weekend at JV, stretch it out a little on some whoops

First time dropping off the stands, alignment....who needs tire tread anyways

Leveled out, only two cranks to set the height. Uniballs still perfectly close to center

More updates on how it does this weekend

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Apparently I don't have enough posts to post a for sale thread. Not about to start thread crapping so I'll just post it here. If someone could make a post that would be great...otherwise here we go...

Decision has been made, and I am now selling my 2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser Trail Teams Special Edition with 48K miles. This isn't your average FJ Cruiser; this TT has been built with the best aftermarket parts available to turn it into an extremely capable and comfortable off-road machine. I am the original owner; title is clean and pink slip in hand. Not going to list off prices for all the aftermarket parts like you see in all the other ads - if you know what each one is then you will understand the quality of this build. I am sure I am forgetting a ton, and will have to keep adding to the list as I can remember them. Here is the majority of the build list:

2010 FJ Cruiser
Trail Teams Special Edition
Limited "Sandstorm" paint with color matched roof
Blacked out mirrors, grille & door handles from factory (not spray paint) Black hood decal from factory
2 tone matching Sand storm interior
Premium sound system with factory subwoofer
Upgraded in 2010 8.2" Rear axle (vs. 8")
Factory Locking rear Differential
A-Trac Traction control system
Rear view camera with rear view mirror display
Side Curtain airbags
Cruise control
Etc etc…

Aftermarket Parts

Front Suspension
Total Chaos +2" Long Travel with the all new "Race Series" lower control arms (secondary shock capable with extra mount already installed, and built in lower uniballs)
Total Chaos Coil Bucket Gussets
Total Chaos Cam Gussets
Total Chaos Spindle Gussets
Total Chaos +2" Heat treated Chromoly axle shafts with rebuilt OEM CV joints (not some AutoZone junk cv's)
Total Chaos Extended Braided Stainless Steel Brake Lines
ORW 10" Limit straps with adjustable clevis mount
All Pro Offroad Heavy duty tie rods w/hiem joints
Timberen Heavy Duty Bump-stops
King Offroad Long Travel Coilovers (12" of wheel travel vs. stock 8") with external reservoirs

Rear Suspension
All Pro Offroad 3.5" Springs
Walker Evans 2.0 Rear Shocks with external compression adjustments on the reservoirs
All Pro Offroad Extended Stainless Steel Brake Lines
All Pro Offroad Heavy Duty Lower Links w/Johnny Joints
Timberen Rear Bumpstops

TRD "Street Lock" 16inch Wheels with rock rings custom painted blue Goodyear MT/R w/ Kevlar 315/75/16 (TRUE 35") tires (70% tread on 4, 90% on 1)
All Pro Offroad 1.5" Hub centric wheel spacers in the rear, 1.25" in front

Nitro Chromoly Rear Axles
Fresh Rear Wheel bearings w/less than 2000 miles
Marlin Crawler Lefty Transfer Case with 4.7 Heavy Duty gears, upgraded 30-spline Chromoly output shafts front and rear
Rear Diff Lock "Hack" - Switch operated bypass turns off all Trac control and allows diff to be locked any time

Bud Built Full "Tummy Tuck" Skid Plates - Installed with Marlin Crawler you gain over 4" of clearance underneath and a flat belly to the frame rails, that's like installing 40" tires!
Boztec Rear Diff Skid plate
All Pro Offroad Lower link mount skid plates (Front and rear mounts)
All Pro Offroad Rear shock skid plate
Custom Trailworx Fab front tube winch bumper w/evil eye hoops
Custom built "Stinger" rear swing down bumper/tire carrier by RPM with high clearance cross member, laser cut and dimple die Toyota emblems and recessed hitch mount
Outdoor Logic Rock Sliders with kick-out for a step

Trailworx Fab Roof Rack with mesh flooring & custom light bar mount
Baja Designs 6" Prerunner HID lights (4)
Rigid Industries Dually LED lights (2)
Vision X Spot LED for Dust/Reverse Light
Amber LED light in roof rack for Dust light (not wired up currently)
Springtail Solutions Saddle rack with MOLLE pouches
Rear Mounted Fire Extinguisher
Ram Mount for GPS/iPad etc
Engo 10,000LBS Winch w/Wireless controller
Upgraded Viking Synthetic Winch line w/HD winch hook
Cobra 75 CB Radio w/external speaker and 3' Firestik antenna
ARB Safari Snorkel
K&N Drop in Washable filter
Ultra Gauge OBD II Scanner/Monitor
Metal Tech Tube Doors w/Nets (For those nice warm days!)
Custom exhaust routed for Tummy tuck
Flow Master 50 series muffle w/custom high tuck tail pipe

This FJ can handle anything, from fast Baja washes to the rocky trails of Big Bear with ease. The body does have a few imperfections. There is a dent in the lower driver side rear door and plastic molding. The rear quarter panels also have dents from the rear bumper corners touching the body at full flex. Trail pin striping in the paint/clear coat but the beauty of the Sandstorm color is how well it hides them. You would never know until you looked real close. Driver seat back has a small tear in the lumbar support. Wheels have rock rash on outer rings and center caps. These are purely cosmetic, however if the buyer would like to have them taken care of I can have a local shop fix them towards a negotiated price between myself and buyer. Looking to start a new project, so my loss is your gain. I have a ton of extra parts that will come with the FJ for trail spares. Located in Poway, North County San Diego, CA. Asking 32k OBO. Willing to work with buyer on setting up shipping at buyers expense, and willing to meet within 300 miles of Poway (Deposit required). Sold as is. Not a dealer, this was my baby! PM for contact info.



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