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Please pass this information on to your club members and friends. This is going to be a major work party to get everything done that the DNR wants done at Elbe Hills

We are in need of someone with some particular skill in masonry. The fireplace in the shelter was recently damaged by someone who apparently rammed it.

The work party is going to focus on several areas of campground repairs. Does anyone have access to a small tractor with a loader and backhoe that we can use for the weekend? It would be very helpful in the campground with trying to move some barricades and materials as well as flattening out some campsites.

We’ll be spending a great deal of effort in getting the busywild prepared for the winter wheeling season. Here’s what’s on the agenda as of yesterday.
1. Drainage work on several of the water holes so that the water levels don’t get up too high in the winter.
2. Defining trail corridors around the lower mud holes using blow down. This will require some chainsaw work and winching to get these trees in place.
3. Nancy wants to remove a few trees that are getting dangerous and wants experienced operators to fall these trees. If you can help here, please get in touch with me.
4. Jaydog is going to be using the excavator on the lower mud holes to do what we did on the swamp trail earlier this spring. This involves digging the holes out, lining the bottom of the holes with logs and then filling the holes back in with mud again.
5. There will be rock put in some of the smaller holes that are deteriorating quickly in to problem areas. I particularly want to address the toboggan hill bypass that has really gotten torn up over the last couple of winters. It’s a lot of work getting the materials IN to these places so if someone is coming with a small trailer or pickup that is capable of getting to this area, please let me know so that we can plan on addressing this section of trail as well. We want to leave toboggan hill as is but as part of the trail management strategy that we are trying to work out with the DNR, we need to make some of the bypasses into bypasses, rather than just additional sections of trail. Otherwise, bypasses like the one around toboggan hill will simply be blocked off and obliterated. We are working on designing or modifying these bypasses to be negotiated by damaged vehicles.
Per Nancy, there will be rock coming in to deal with the damage caused by people running the busywild in the wrong direction. I am going to encourage urgent placement of new signs to inform everyone of the direction of travel during the winter months AND I’m going to encourage enforcement of this rule by the DNR. This means ticketing of people that enter the busywild from the wrong end.

The Faithwheelers OffRoad Club will be hosting the event which is a PNW4WDA Region 2 sponsored work party. There will be food and beverages provided for all participants. We have donations from Region 2 for the hamburgers and buns, along with cash donations from the Dogpound Offroad and an individual member. Off Camber Offroad has been actively seeking door prizes for a raffle and we have several local business donating prizes. We are still in need of about $150 in cash to provide enough food for everyone. If you’re club can donate a few dollars to the cause, please let me know. We really want to thank the people that come out to help by making the work party more enjoyable and taking care of their basic food and beverage needs.

We are actively seeking clubs to adopt trails like the Timber Tamers and Dogpound Offroad have already done. If you’re club actively uses Elbe Hills, please consider adopting a trail or part of a trail. Contact me or [email protected] from the DNR with any questions on trail adoption..

Dale Gibbon
President Faith Wheelers Off Road Club
PNW4WDA Region Land Manager for Elbe Hills ORV Park.
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