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eldorado law suit

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all people who enjoy the forest in no.cal. should contribute 20$ to help fight this . if they close all the trails i drive just in my stock toy i would be sad and when i get my trail rig to the rubicon for my first run this summer and its closed i would say this constitutes warrrr! :(
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Thanks guys for helping BlueRibbon. Those are the folks that pay me enough to keep in the game. They have me as a contractor to work for access (7 days a week I might add). :)

So when you help them, you're helping me. And when you help me, you're helping our trail.

Speaking of which, I'm doing some mods to my jeep. Some of my sponsors have kicked in to help foot the bill (and keep me on the trail).

check it out: http://www.delalbright.com/Articles/jeep_upgrades_2003.htm

Thanks again to you BRC supporters.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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