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Electric Fan choices to replace stock clutch setup
I have tech questions for fellow Rock Crawling Jeepers with Actual, First Hand Knowledge regarding use of electric fans replacing stock clutch style fans.

Flex-a-Lite sells two different models that appear acceptable for use on Wrangler YJ’s 4.2 and 4.0 while replacing stock parts. Added power? Gas mileage? Cooling?

*Model #475 Wrangler fan 2
This fan is shown as a direct bolt in unit with 10 blades, 9 amps draw and 2030cfm.
Adjustable thermostat and a/c relay.

*Model #150 Black Magic is similar in size, needs minor bracket customizing to install,
has 8 blades, 13.9 amps draw, and 2800cfm Adjustable thermostat and a/c relay.

*What is the difference in 10 shallow blades vs. 8 steeper blades?
*Was there any noise difference between those 10 blades vs. 8 blades?
*Is the difference between 9 amps and 13.9 amps draw enough to cause problems?
*Will 2030 cfm be enough to properly cool vs. 2800 cfm?
*Or is 2800 cfm too much to pull through that radiator efficiently?

*Who out there is using these products?
*What do you think?
*Was there any noticeable power increase?
*Were there any problems?
*If you did it again, would you make any changes?

Please, No opinions, Just facts
Thanks, Morgster
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