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Quick summary. I have an awesome 40 mph capable e-bike that I'd like to sell for $1,800. I'm also willing to sell it as an almost rolling chassis, only needing a rear hub, spokes, and electronics. I'm also willing to part it out. It can run at 3000 watts until the battery runs out, 8000 watts for a few minutes at a time and has peaked at 24,000 watts, verified by the CA and castle link logging.

Location: Camp Verde, AZ
Pics, details, and videos:


If you've been looking for an extremely high powered, off road capable, reliable, custom e-bike, keep reading.

This bike was assembled to test batteries, motors, and controllers for the ultimate e-bike project. Now that I have found a reliable drivetrain setup to power my next prototype and the test bike is refined and reliable, it's time to sell it to fund the next step in the process.

The frame is a steel hard tail, 18" Mongoose Masher. It's set up like an adult size BMX bike, making it very comfortable to ride yet still trail capable. It has vintage snowmobile handle bars, a Rock Shox Tora U-Turn Coil Fork with adjustable 4-5" travel, Sun Rhynolite/alex32 rims, DT Stainless 14g spokes, an Avid 203mm front disc setup, a NuVinci N360 in the rear wheel, and Bontrager FR3 tires. Other bike parts include, used Shimano XTR 170mm cranks, mrp bashring, Demolition sealed bearing pedals, and a Demolition Stem. In current configuration, the bike weighs 74lbs.

The electric drive consists of an Astro motor(4t 3220), a highly modified recumpence reduction drive utilizing both a CSK25 and 3/4" roller clutch, driving 219 o-ring chain to the disc mount on the NuVinci, a Castle Creations HV160 ESC, 6 Turnigy 25c 5000mah RC lipos configured at 12s,3p(44v, 15ah) using custom CNC'd parallel blocks, and a large screen RC specific Cycle analyst. The throttle is pushed with the left pointer finger. It's physically set up force the throttle to be released to apply the front brake instead of relying upon an electronic switch. Charging is accomplished with a Hyperion 1420 EOS, powered either by 12v or by a meanwell at 24V, 5A, going through a single plug into tppacks lvc/hvc boards. Meanwell not included.

Currently, I have the current limit set to 150A. The bike can be scary for a 200lb, experienced, not easily scared rider. The slipper clutch is set to prevent too much wheelie action and the acceleration is brutal. azcagiva at the advrider forums, Amberwolf one of our fearless mods here at endless-sphere, and the owners of both bike shops in Cottonwood,AZ, Aaron at Sultana Cycles, and Dean at Zoomers have all ridden this bike and would probably be happy to testify to the downright coolness of it and how much effort I've put into to it!

The top speed is currently gearing limited to 35-40mph(depending on state of charge). It will get there in about three seconds(haven't officially timed it), power NOT being the limiting factor. The bike must be pedaled up to 3mph to engage the drive to make life easier on the motor controller. Cruising around town with occasional high speed bursts and wheelies, the bike uses around 32 watt hours per mile. Range in between 15-85ish miles depending on terrain, headwind, riding style, and rider input through the pedals.

Even though the bike is extremely rideable and useable as is, in my mind, to be totally complete, the bike still needs three minor things done, which the buyer can finish or I can for some extra cash.

1. The bike needs a 50v 200A capable contactor/on/off switch. I've just been connecting the bullet connectors after holding a simple precharge switch for a few seconds.
2. The bike is currently using a temporary side cover made from plastic, cardboard, stainless tape, and duct tape. It is completely functional but I have designed aluminum/wood covers that haven't been a priority to complete yet. I have all of the materials and they can be done in a few days.
3. The hvc/lvc boards need to be interfaced to pull down the throttle. Very easy to do.

The parts to build this bike cost me $3,500 + and it took a few months of intense, highly skilled work to bring all of it together so this is an extremely good deal. The person that buys this bike will not only be getting one of the fastest, most high tech bikes on the market, they can also feel good because their purchase will push something AWESOME closer to reality.

All transactions will need to be cash in person or US postal money order but I will happily personally deliver the bike anywhere in Arizona or Southern California for gas money. I can ship this bike but would really like to go over everything on it in person with the new owner if at all possible! International shipping is possible but extremely expensive.



Rock Shocks U-Turn 302 coil fork 4-5" travel $150
Alex 32 Rear Rim, DT Swiss stainless spokes for Nuvinci N360, $50
26" front wheel, Quick release with Deore XT? Hub, Rhynolyte Rim, DT Swiss stainless spokes $60
Demolition BMX Stem $25
Demolition Sealed pedals $25
XTR 170mm cranks with MRP bashguard/deore bottom bracket-rough condition $30
Avid Elixir 5 Front Brake assembly with 203mm rotor $80
Mongoose Masher 18" Steel hardtail frame with custom battery enclosure $150
Adamo Typhoon Ergonomic Seat $50
Aluminum Seat Post 31.9mm I think $20
Thumb throttle $10
1 Bontrager FR3 Tire, almost new, 1 patched, $60

All parts total $710

Package deal:
Mongoose Masher Complete Rolling Chassis with:
Sun Rhynolite 26" rear rim with spokes for NuVinci N360, Rock Shox U-Turn Coil 4-5" travel, Avid Elixir 5 Front Brake assembly with 203mm rotor, Rhynolyte front wheel, alex32 rear rim, Bontrager FR3 tires, 170mm XTR cranks with MRP Bash guard, Demolition Stem and sealed pedals, custom plywood battery enclosure, aluminum seatpost, Adamo Typhoon ergonomic seat, Vintage snowmobile bars. Crappy duct tape/cardboard,plastic battery cover.
Add a motor, reduction if necessary, rear hub, batteries and controller and go ride!
$650 + shipping

Please get in touch by private message asap if you would like to make an offer or post any questions you may have here in the thread so others that might have the same question can see the answer.

Here's some video (might want to turn down your speakers):

wittman40mphoffroadflyby - YouTube
e-bike walk around - YouTube
Saddle Mountain test bike run out - YouTube
Saddle Mountain test bike run back to camp - YouTube
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