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Unfort, on my son's 95 (4.0) right side. It appears that 2 bolts in the block broke off as well as a helicoli (3rd bolt bottom) that someone tried to fix before we bought the YJ a little over 2 years ago.

Where the helicoil is, it looks part of the mounting area that gets bolted up on the block chipped out also.

My mechanic said that he'll try on Monday to drill out 2 of the broken bolts to see if he can remount the engine as it has shifted. Not sure if the helicoil bolt area can be rebolted.

Anyway, what are the thoughts here?

Unfort, he said that if it doesn't work, we're looking at a new engine.

The YJ's in the shop so I'm unable to get pic's.

Trying to keep the chin up as I know things could be alot worse.
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