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xsintrick1 said:
GMC Truxrule is Correct
they are all the same 73 - 87 for the pick ups . k5's and burbs and crew cabs only the pickups and extended cabs changed in 88 all the rest stayed the same till 91 ill put $100.00 on it
as i have been there done that several different times
but 1 thing to rember when going to the 6.2 is to change the torqe converter due to lower rpms
hope it helps
thanks for the tips. gave me the answers i was looking for. But, to correct any ideas, as seen in a couple of my other posts, what i have now is a C10 6.2 burb. My plan is to drop the 6.2 and body onto a k10 or k20 frame w/ axles, and swap out to an NV4500 and atlas 2 speed.
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