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There's many places to pick up a good 4.0L HO engine for your Jeep. 4.3L (Vortecs) too. www.car-parts.com lists a lot, as does www.junkyarddog.com.

I get a lot of Jeep parts at Brimms Auto (Salvage Yard) in Kenton, OH (I think that's the town). I think their website is http://www.2cls.com/brims.htm . They are pretty cool. I went there once just to get one seat bracket, and they gave me two seat brackets with some ironpony seats attached for the same price! Nice!

I'm doing a 350 conversion to my Jeep soon...well, maybe (haven't decided if I want to fix it up as a dd/tow rig, or transplant the engine/drivetrain into my 90YJ). I'm picking up an entire 1985 GMC 3/4 ton 4x4 this weekend (up north) to add to the garage. It has a "snow plow" (all the neighbors will love me :D ) and all that for only 900 bones! I'm stoked about it. The engine was rebuilt 20k miles ago, just to add to the "nice" list. I found that deal in a local rag.

Just another option for you. 4 angry squirrels just don't cut it where most people want to go. Seen it, laughed at it, passed it up on the trail.

Good luck, and :flipoff2: Salute!

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