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My apologies, thank you for the reminder Bebe!

Congratulations, our ideas were heard and accepted. More land will be preserved!!

"Congratulations to all of us that took the time to post ideas and comments on our hard worked win. With Sec. Salazar and director Abbey's announcement that the BLM and Dept of Interior will be protecting more wild lands and the wildlife that live there, it proves that our ideas, comments and votes on this site were read, heard and accepted.

You all deserve a huge pat on the back for your time, your ideas, your comments and your votes promoting conservation and protection of our wild lands and wild life. The forests thank you, the wildlife thanks you and the country thanks you all!!!

While the future will bring many more challenges and heartbreaks and we have much more work to do, we can at least breathe a sigh of relief and rejoice for the land that will be set aside and protected from big oil, coal and development because of the effort so many of you put in.

A special thanks to Alden Moffat, Ted Harris, Michael Terry and Richard Spotts for being the leaders in the fight against the well organized ohv community and fringe right wing extremists who were intent to destroy the true meaning of this site."
I think that is a compliment!! Well done folks! So many of us at the grassroots level are now at the forefront of these issues that we are being noticed. THAT is a good thing!

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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