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exhaust temps in buggys?

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what do you guys that are building buggys doing about exhaust?.
The way mine is ran, its right under my feet, and with expanded metal floor. I'm pretty sure its going to be damn hot.
would exhaust wrap work to keep the heat down? my main concern about using wrap is how long is it going to last with water, mud, etc? Or is there something better to use other than exhaust wrap?
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I used the header wrap on the ehaust pipes by my oil pan. It lasted over 3 years. I made sure I never blasted it with a steam cleaner.

Lowrangerider said:

You're in AZ... I wonder how it would work in MN.
True. I rarely see water with my rig. I did have some on my old crewcab worktruck. It saw all kinds of water, mud and snow (daily). And cherry red pipes from towing with the 454. It rusted out the pipe underthe wraped area in about 2 years.

1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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