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Explorer lift review

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For newbies like me who are trying to drive the Ford Exploders off-road, check out the product review I've posted here at P4x4:


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good to see the xplorer stuff on here. love mine. thanks for the info.
Judging from your sig, yours is significantly more rock-worthy than 99.999% of all other explorers out there!

Mine's IFS, so it's limited in capability. I'm adding an Aussielocker soon, which is tough on the 2nd Gen because the front hubs are always locked and the 4WD kicks in automatically (can you say exploding diff? Munched CVs?)

So there is a modification where you splice into the signal wire for the transfer case, and put a toggle on the Auto mode, so it turns Auto into either OFF or Auto, and when you want 4WD, you move the selector to 4WD Hi or Lo and flip the toggle.

Anyhow, it's not for your average owner.
sounds like fun though, would like to see it sometime, i am not that far away ya.
Welcome to yesterday Bill! (when you/lance posted it) :p
I never heard of that shop before, where is it?
Hah, I didn't see Lance's post!

The shop is in San Ramon, diagonally across the intersection from In-N-Out Burger (a landmark I am sure all good PBBers will recognize)
The complicating factor with the Explorer is Ford's use of torsion bars in the front end instead of coil springs like its Ranger cousin.
Just an FYI, Only the 2WD SLA IFS Ranger has coils, the 4x4 IFS ones are identical to the Explorer (has torsionbars). :D
What year did the 4x4 Ranger run torsion bars? I thought it was coil springs for all models?
Bill Plein said:
What year did the 4x4 Ranger run torsion bars? I thought it was coil springs for all models?
98 and up. When they got rid of the TTB and went to the SLA front end the 4wds started getting torsion bars.
nice review!

i didnt really like exploders until i owned one, now i have a list of mods a mile long.

just so others know, the superlift and trailmaster 4" lifts arent the only ones available anymore.
there is a kit, from rcd, it's for the same year ranger pickup. rcd doesnt necessarily market it for explorers. liability issues i'd imagine. several people have put it on explorers with good success.

another type of kit is from dixon brothers racing, it is a coilover conversion kit. i think you get 4-5" of lift. the major benefit, other than c/o shocks, is the removal of the torsion bars. sorry i couldnt find the link.
keep in mind, that these c/o kits are gonna cost about twice as much as the drop bracket ones. they will contain new control arms and i think you can buy porsche style cv's with the dixon kit. there is another company who makes a similar kit, but the name has escaped me.

for about the same price, many have done an SAS. i doubt i have to explain the benefits.
some good pics are here in the gallery.

if anyone has more interest, a search on www.explorerforum.com should yield some nice results.
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Isn't the Dixon Bros' one more of a Pre-Runner style (greatly increased track)?

That's important to note, because it really wouldn't meet my needs, but may be good for some people.
Bitchin..........seeings how I just happened to pick up a 99 sport for a new DD........just happened to have a spare set of 38's around :D
you are right bill, i think the track width is increased by 4" per side.
they also recommend the use of fiberglass fenders for extra clearance.

i've heard of a few people complaining of the superlifts holding up when wheeling.
seems that the welds arent the greatest. that can be averted with the proper research.

hey buzz, what plans did you have for the ex? is it 4wd?
if you plan to use 38's, i hope you have a dana 44 or 60 ready to swap in.
here is a thread with a sport on 38's. he has received a fair amount of criticism for his axle choice, but his build is mostly for size and looks. it's not the most technical thread, others are much better, but it shows what people have started doing with explorers.
X'ploders are fairly capable if one does somethnig to stop the dreaded frame rail drag out back.

I'm working on doing a custom spring over, and making pockets in the frame rails for the front spring eyes -- both to lessen the amount of total lift and to eliminate the spring hangers and hardware from dragging.

In front, I've modified the TTB to be somewhat flexy (around 18" of travel currently -- with more to come as the mods get done). Alll of the suspension stuff is my own -- and it is a mix and match of various components that I have made work, even though many are not for the Explorer application per se.

The truck works well and has a good wheelbase for climbing.

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:laughing: :laughing: Nah........no liftin it Yet, have enough lifted goodies around. Maybe after it gets hit by a Deer :evil: , it's pretty mint currently :grinpimp:

Thanks for the link.......I didn't know exploders had their own site :smokin:
im going to build a 1st gen one day... but my old d30 is going to be the forst thing that goes in... with cherokee 4 link setup...
that link is ridiculously outdated...thats why i linked www.explorerforum.com
EF is linked on explorer4x4.com, but its hard to find.
lol no its not u just click on forums from the home page
well, thanks for proving my point, since there is no 'forum' button.
it's the second button down and it's labeled 'explorer message board'
the forum is the best part of the site and it took several visits for me to find it.
Here's a link to my stocker... :rolleyes:
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