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Füry Rode is September 30, 2019 on Sand Mountain in Hurricane, Utah. This is a Challenge Adventure built for the family in mind! This is the first event in the Trail Hero week in Hurricane, Utah!

Teams of driver-navigator are required.
Helmet required.
4WD required.
Gloves required.

6 classes to enter - two are UTV classes, the rest are full size vehicles based on tire size.

2-laps of 39 miles through the desert of Sand Mountain.
5 challenges each lap. Your time starts and stops at each challenge, and you have 15 minutes to complete the challenge.

Challenges include: Wet Lap, Blindfold Driving, Paint Ball, Potato Spearing, Short Course, Rock Race, dead winching, tire change, and more!

To enter your team go to https://furyrode.com/
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