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Im looking to sell my 71 chevy shortbox. I bought it to completely rebuild but plans have changed.

Its on a 75 sb frame with a blazer tank. It has big hub dana 44 and ff 14 bolt. 4.10 gears open diffs. It currently does not have a motor or tranny. But It will have a good running stockish 350 in it and 350/205 combo. Body is in good shape, will need paint to look how i would want it to look though. Interior is nice. has shaved door handles which i think is dumb and kinda shitty job. Has 6? inch lift and brand new zero miles 37x14x16 iroks on imitation welds. 16x10.

have some pics if someone wants to host
email me at [email protected]
Located in grand jct, co
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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