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The truck has no cancer. It's solid and runs great. Has just over 210,000 miles on the engine. I did a compression test earlier in the year and was above 160psi on each cylinder. The oil is changed out every three months and I also adjust the valves at that time.
I replaced the drivers side brake caliper with new and replaced all the pads. Just recently replaced the battery with a new Interstate battery with a 50month warranty. The carpet was pulled and flooring painted with bedliner. Everything works but it does need a new washer bottle with motor. I still have the bottle but the motor is toast. No real leaks. Infact I dont remember seeing any leaks but it might a little here and there. I replaced the seats with those from a Toyota Supra and the rear seats are from an SR5 4runner. I had to replace the rollbar too cause it wasnt there when I bought the truck. The fiberglass shell is in good shape. I painted the whole truck Olive Drab. I removed the rear bumper and trim to ready it for a full wrap around bumper. The front bumper has the ends taken off. I installed a 3inch lift kit and it has 31 inch MS tires that are a year old and only have about 5000 miles on them. They are still very meaty. This is my daily driver and I would trust it to go anywhere. If you have any questions feel free to send me a PM. Pics can be found here:


After I paid for the rig, got it home, etc I had about 1400 invested. Then I had to invest more into the truck. The lift kit was 250 and was installed not long ago. I had an add-a-leaf installed earier this year. I did not replace the shocks because I am not finished with my suspension setup. Did not want to chance buying the wrong length shocks and then having to fork out more cash to replace those. I am asking 1400 for the whole truck. Im in the Boise Idaho area.

I also have a set of Alcan springs and other items to relocate the shocks and swap out the ubolts. Those I will sale for $350 Or with the truck for $1700.
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