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Want to get into rock crawling with a samurai, but can’t find a good source of parts? Looking for a small AND large project with all the bell and whistles already attached? Have a truck and a trailer and $6,000.00 in cash? Well, I may have what you have been waiting for…I am selling ALL of my samurai stuff down to the last bolt. You can visit my web page (http://mysite.verizon.net/vze7l0bw/myweb6/photo.htm) and see all the stuff I have been doing to my rigs to get an idea of what you will be getting. There is a ton of stuff not even listed, and believe me, what I am selling is worth a ton more than what I am asking. The body for the 1.6 ltr. is brand new which I haven’t taken pictures of yet. I have titles in my name for all of the vehicles

What’s the catch you ask? Well, I want it ALL gone! You take the entire works, Both Samurai’s, the trailer, and all the parts and pieces that go along with it (you’ll need a large truck, believe me!) You other question is probably” “are you nuts?” and “why am I getting rid of it all?” To answer both these questions, I am simply over burdened with all the stuff I have in my garage and really need to simplify my hobbies. I probably have over $20,000.00 invested, but I know I will never get that much back, even if most of the stuff is brand new and never used. I am offering to you a great bargain, and myself a little more piece of mind.

I ask you to think it over and be very serious with your inquiries. My current job puts me out of town Monday-Thursday every week, and I can only get to my email at nights. I promise I will tell you everything that is wrong and everything that is right with all the vehicles, but please, only serious buyers. Unfortunately I cannot assist with delivery, so you will have to come to Maryland to get everything; it will probably take a u-haul truck to load all the parts I have crammed in my garage. I have had a lot of local zuk nuts look over my work, and if they permit me to use their name and email addresses I can give them to you for references.

Please use my email address : [email protected] for all inquiries

Thank you all.
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