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I am gathering up some tools for my little metalworking hobby. I have some use for the following tools:

Welding Style Vise Grips
A large Vise
Floor mounted Drill Press
12" disk sander
Other misc. stuff. like drill bits, center punches, hole saws etc.

I am on a budget and I'm looking for decent quality tools. I don't mind older used tools, especially for the drill press or the sander or the vise.

I live near Klamath Falls, in southern Oregon but I have a trip planned to go north over X-mas.

I will be going through Portland next week and I can only meet on Monday 12-26 and again on Wednesday 12-28 in Portland. Happy to do business in the morning on either day while I am in the area. I will be going up and down 205 on my way through.

Important: I need to hear from you before I leave on X-mas day to head up there.

Please send pics and a price.

Thank you, and Merry X-mas.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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