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Mog Guru gives more details

here is what one of the top Mog Guru's has to say about this Mog

by Jack Russell
It's a Trenkle TREMO. Trenkle in Pfaffenweiler Germany used Unimog 421 (U600) components from the Gaggenau (plant) to build a small, maneuverable, all wheel drive carrier. 60 km/h top speed. 52PS. It was narrower and lower than the smallest Unimog. They put all kinds of implements on them: snow removal, movers, excavators, sprayers, forklift, front loader. Could be ordered with a 3 way dump bed.

The name still exists. Trenkel was bought by Hako (the same people who bought the UX 100 from MB) and they still market a TREMO.

The small multipurpose carrier is still a very popular category in
Europe. Think of the TREMO as a very well made, west German version of the MultiKar concept. Neat rig. Zero parts support over here. (US)

Jack Russell
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