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Fall clean up, engines, axles, t-cases, transmissions....UPDATE

It's time for a clean up before snow starts flying again.

*AMC 360 from a 79 Cherokee, ran when pulled out, complete withh all accesories. $200
*95 350 TBI Engine with throttle body, ran good when it was pulled out, it had 160,000 miles on it. $300
*95 350 TBI Engine, this engine had an oil cooler come un done and lost oil pressure , it only had 70,000 miles on it. It is not siezed but it is in need of lower end work, I couldn't be for sure what it needs as I have not pulled the pan of. It does have the throttle body on it. $150
*89 350 Engine, it was a TBI engine but now has a new Aluminum intake and new edlebrock carb on it. Runs strong. $450
*3100 engine from a 96 Lumina, only had 38,000 miles. Head need replaced and I do have a good head for it. $250

$150 NP231 from 95 YJ 6cyl,5sp
$175 NP205 Ford with C6 adapter
$125 NP205 Ford no adapter
$125 NP205 Ford no adapter
$125 NP205 Ford Divoriced case
$50 Borg Warner case from 95 Ranger/Explorer

$40 C-6 Big block pattern
$40 AX-15 95 Wrangler, it is stuck in gear

Axle Shafts
$50 TJ D-35 axles shafts for a pair of them.

Axles----second measurment is from drivers side WMS to the center of the pinion. All dimensions are approx and may be a little off.
UPDATE aslo have a D-44 from a 79 Cherokee, rear is off set $250
$350 D-50 Super Duty front axle R&P bad
$125 D-60 FF rear 66" WMS, 34"
$125 D-60 FF rear 65.25" WMS, 34"
$125 D-60 FF rear 67.25" WMS, 37.25"
$125 D-60 FF rear 66" WMS, 34"
$125 D-60 FF rear 66.25" WMS, 33.5"
$125 D-44 Front axle Chevy with flat tops, complete 6 lug.
Ford 8.8 axles, 3.54, 3.73, 4.10 open, LS, custom built..........
D-60 front and rear, matched set 3.54 gears from a 1979 Ford. High Pinion front.

If You don't like the price then make an offer.


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All the D-60 rears are full floater 8-lug axles. It would be easier to switch hubs on the front to an 8-lug. Unless you are wanting to stay with the 6 lug, then the FF hubs could be re-drilled to a 6 on 5 1/2 pattern. Or find a Semi-float 60...........
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