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Ok need a quick question, I am in the process of regearing my ranger, so ordered my bearings /gears and now I need shims.
Seems that the dana 35 (ttb) is somewhat narrow on choices for shims, I have found a few sets but at 80+ is a bit high ( very tight buget ) so I have found a few sets for around 40-50 but some says it's for the newer 98+ ifs trucks. This is typing the part number in google trying to find the cheapest one. So I am guessing the shims are the same? or does anybody know if anything will cross match with these shims.
Allso on the 8.8 I can find the shims for it for cheap assuming there all the same. got a explorer disk brake rear.
rookie mistake of not guy getting a master install kit I bought the bearing and stuff separate. and have had them for a wile now so can't return them.
Thanks in advance for the advice.
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