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I sold my old cruiser to Rockbiter...it came with an old fast track top that has been through the ringer. The poor aluminum track that fastens to the tub had been in a major wreck where the cruiser was totaled. I was able to salvage it (kind of) so that it would work (kind of). Well, since he cut the back of the tub off, he is no longer in need of the top. So I am getting it back...with the couple holes that I put in it and everything! Anyway, I guess he pretty much finshied off the aluminum track when he was taking pictures for his avatar!

So, where do I get one of these? I does not have to be in perfect shape. If they are cheap new, I would go that route, but preferably I would like to get something as close to free as possible (just like every one else I know).

Please let me know if you have one, and want to get rid of it, or if you know someone that does. Thanks for you help.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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