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A Federal Judge has ruled that the Forest Service violated federal law on
the roadless policy. The Bush Administration is expected to weigh in by
May 4th. Click on the NEXT button to send a FREE FAX to your Members of
Congress urging them to contact the Administration on this important issue.

ARRA has recently learned that many groups are mobilizing to put pressure
on the Bush Administration to defend the U.S. Forest Service roadless
policy before a U.S. Federal Court in Idaho. As you probably know, the
roadless policy would severely limit recreational access to many public
lands managed by the Forest Service. As an ARRA supporter, we urge you
send a letter today.

Please Act Now by clicking on the NEXT button so that decision makers in
Washington hear from you before May 4th.

Visit http://responsiblerecreation.policy.net to take action now!

Ian, all the way from sunny South Florida where women are in bikinis all year long!
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