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It is a Federal Ordnance M14 SA, 7.62x51, Serial # 50XXX, I picked it up in November and have not shot it, looks like it was not shot very much (to me). It function tested OK, I see no issues with the bolt (not a gunsmith). My research indicates that it has all Chinese parts. It has a wood stock along with the synthetic stock currently on it, 1 10 rd mag and 1 20rd mag. It has the AIM surplus copy of the bi pod as well. I am interested in trades for a S&W SS Mountain gun in 45 Colt, S&W Model 22, 357 SS 4" wheel gun + cash, EoTEch 512/AimpointM2 + cash, ACOG (TA31). $800 FTF in SEVA or $840 shipped insured in the 48. More pictures available.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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