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Lately I've been going *nuts* with the white paint job on my Cruiser; it worked in AZ with the heat but it's just too *blah* for me, and there are too many built-up white 60's out there, I've never wanted to be mainstream (if I did, I'd buy a TJ)...

So, I've been considering a color change and wanted to get your opinion. I've narrowed it down to four different colors; these of course aren't necessarily the exact shade, just the closest I could get with my minimal computer skills. I have very specific shades and have the color codes for all four of them already written down.

Color #1 is similar to the early FJ40 Dune Beige; I've always liked the color (hate the newer yellowish beige), it speaks Third World to me.

Color #2 is straight out of the paint chip for another manufacturer. It's non-metallic because I need the paint job to be cheap (wheeling truck).

Color #3 is pretty much highway truck orange. Ever since I saw Rabid Dan's FJ40 right after he painted it orange in 1996 I've wanted to do the same.

Color #4 is Land Rover AA Yellow. This one I'm waffling on, it's a cool color and there aren't many yellow 60's in the US, but the flip side is that every friggin' manufacturer offers yellow as a paint color now (X-Terras, Escapes, D90's, H2's, TJ's)...

In any case, I figured I'd run a poll and see what all y'all would think!
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