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Fender Precision Special Bass Guitar

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This is the bass guitar I used all in high school when I was in a band. It is 4 years old, but was hardly played. It's a Fender Precision Bass. It has the regular Precision pickup and one jazz pickup. It's shaped like a precision but has a jazz neck. It's basically a mix of the two. It's black with a gold pick guard. Excellent condition. Also includes Fender gig bag. I don't play it anymore, havn't played it in a long time. I need to sell it to find my Jeep project.

It looks like this. I can get pictures of my guitar as soon as my camera gets back from the shop:

Here is a link to it on musicians friend:


I'll take $275 for it.
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will trade for 14 bolt thick 5.13s.
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