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Well this passed week I was off of work for reasons out of my control so I got a few things done to the toy...sorry I dont have many pics as my camara is at work but here is a few:)

first one shows new tires I got. I loved the old 42 tsl on the h1s i had.. but they were damn heavy and I needed cash so I sold them. Now it is rollin on 39.5 Irocs and h2 17s. I wanted the 42s, but also didnt want to wait, as well as figured since they were the same height so no harm:).

And here is a rear pic of the toy bed. I got all the tube frome scrap at work and the diamond plate from a buddy for wiring up some fog light on his truck:smokin: .. alll I have vested in the bed is two blades for the chop saw and a little spool of wire.... i think it turned out nice for just winging it

I do still have a few things left to do and final weld the whole thing, but I need a beak;)... I will try and remember the camara tomorow for more pics...

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