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Make, Model & Year of Vehicle-
87 Suzuki Samurai

1.3 L Weber carb, Headman header, Mid range cam. K&N air filter.

Stock 5 speed

Calmini 6.5 HD. Trail Tough mighty Kong t-case bucket.

Front- 85 Toyota spooled V6 third, Richmond 5.29's, 1.5" spacer's.
Rear- 92 Toyota V6 Spooled, Richmond 5.29's.

SPOA, rear samurai leafs up front with missing links, YJ leafs in the rear with missing links.

Wheels and Tires-
Painted white spokes 15x8, 35x12.5x15 BFG mud old style.

Um nope

Favorite Trails-
Hole in the rock, Mineral Basin, Forest Lake, Mona Pole, Little Moab. Haven't gone on many trails.

Dove tailed rear, hacked flat fender, 6 point roll cage,Nissan Power steering, 88" wheelbase.

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Glad to see it up and running. Great start but you gotta fix that drag link.

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thats cool simple and reliable cool rig.its not too overdone either.of course as it always seems to happen you eventually want something bigger and better and improvements but thats a cool zuki i should would be happy with it :smokin:
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