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hey i have to clear out the rest of my junk.. go the taco thing now and dont need this stuff... delivery to sac or on the way up from san luis obispo area this saturday after that come get it.... maybe delivery to san diego for smaller stuff

2 (84-88) doors, clean, no interior panels or glass - $75

2 (84-88) fenders, clean, 2wd - $40

(84-88) camper shell, clean with keys - $175

Bumper with spare tire holder, know it will hold a 36, holds two jerry cans too - $150

1st gen. winch bumper, Half bolts on half welds on, no it does not come with the winch - $225

1st gen. doors, no interior panels, - $75

Bed cage, for bobbed bed, nice tube with good bends, - $200

(84-88) bed, clean, two very small dents, have a tailgate for it too but with brighter paint - $250

85 efi extra cab, body a little dented bellow passenger extra cab window, tan interior, bobbed bed, set up for all pro’s, $750

90 extra cab, has wiring issues, has a v6 and 4cyl harness, windshield is cracked, no plastic over gauges, passenger fender is dented - $800

not pictured i know i have a fisrt gen all pro dual case crossmember. $150

pics here: http://board.marlincrawler.com/index.php?topic=20890.msg222410#msg222410
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