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FJ 40 that has been in the family for some time now finally got pulled out of storage after sitting for a good ten years.
Thought this thing was pretty sweet when I was a kid. However I was unaware of the amount bootyfab and ghetto rigging the previous owners (and possibly my dad :laughing:) did to this thing.

Anyways, its got Chevy small block stuffed in it, 400, 205, Dana 60 SF rear with discs and stock Toyota front end.

Its been at the house for about a week and has gotten:
Oil change, trans service, t case fluid, axles got fresh gear oil.
Threw a starter solenoid at it (can you believe that autozone had one in stock?)
Ignition switch fixed the no power to distributor issue (reason it got parked)
Popped a brake light switch in it while the dash was apart, Oddly enough Napa had one of those in stock as well.

Moving forward, this thing is an electrical nightmare, needs suspension work, maybe front axle work and hopefully an ls swap with 4 link (hopefully)

Sorry in advance for sideways pics, ill get to fixin that later.


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