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I'm not stirring up any old crap. I am truly curious if VHD44 ever wheeled this rig and realized that it was a bit too tall. VHD44?

And here we go.. oh well, let the fun begin, lol
long story short. No. After building it and doing some minor stuff (nothing like any thing you all do) i realized it wasn't good for anything but pavement pounding. Since it was my first truck, i couldn't part with it or beat it up, so i decided to keep it a pavement princess (actually its intended to be a mud truck with rockwells and 4 link suspension in the works, but those aren't liked much here either, lol) and i took out the tons and 44's and started a toyota build so i can beat the piss outta that. I plan on keeping that as low as i can but I wont clutter up your alls chevy forum with too much toyota stuff but this is where it sits.. like i said if you wanna see more, i have a thread floating around with more pics and info..

The blazer still exists, but as you can see not many on here likes it, which is totally fine with me.. i wouldn't expect them too.. i learned my lesson (the hard way) and will no longer post anything that is my truck related because it has no purpose in this sub forum.. live and learn and move on.. thats all i can do i guess, ha
161 - 169 of 169 Posts