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Flexy springs and stock steering

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Ok, from what i know, when you put on flext springs on the front of a 79-85 toy, you end up breaking the steering, right? Or am i missing something. My truck has the stock steering system and it works quite well (knock on wood) with my trailmaster springs, but i want more flex up front, for better stability. Any advise? I know i should just go hi-steer, but being a college student, i dont have $100, let alone $650.

Thanks for any advise.

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It really depends on what type of trails you are running. I ran 4" wrangler rears up front, pretty flexy, with stock steering for a couple of years. You end up denting the shock and the up travel gets limited by the J arm. I didn't break the J arm but would have if I keep hammering it. I had to set bump stops and limit the travel on the springs to save the steering. Hy steer solved the problems. If you are running mild to medium difficulty trails you shouldn't have a problem, just carry an extra J arm.
as long as you got those Tailmasters, you should be just fine. they dont flex for crap. Stock steering sucks, I know, I've got it. Save your pennies and get crossover.
Ok, but with the trailmaster front, and chevy rears, the rear loves to tilt up, with the front being level with the front axle, and makes it want to roll over.. not very fun IMO. If i used bump stops.. would i also need limiting straps? I know i need the crossover.. just all about money... need steering, gears, a cage, etc.. anyone want to hire me?

Hick said:
If i used bump stops.. would i also need limiting straps?
Why put super flexy springs on if your just going to limit them? Just stick with what you have until you can get x-over. You don't have to go hy-steer, there are options out there for just regular x-over. I think there's a write up here about "low steer" x-over.
With the stock Toy shock mounts and lift springs there is not enough shock travel available... You have a choice of running a short shock that allows you to hit the bump stop but limits down travel alot. Or you can run longer shocks but will bottom out your shock (a bump stop of sorts) and will have to limit strap the right shock or you will loose your front driveline when it extends. Definitly carry an extra arm at all times!

Jason :)
I fergot to say, i already have long travel front spring mounts (look identical to sky mfg ones), and pro comp es 3000 shocks, with alot of travel to them. Hmm, I think i may need to get new steering parts.. or well, spares.. dont have em.. oh well, hope i dont break this weekend at hollister :flipoff2: . Also, i already have Conferr lift shackles. Basically what is left on the truck that i want to do is flexier front springs, wider stance (taco rear axle, 2.5" spacers front), take off the body lift, add an exo cage, and GEARS in the TC, along with a second case. That isnt much, is it :rolleyes: ?

With long travel in the front, every time you droop the left front, you wont' be able to steer right at all. Full lock will get you about straight ahead. That, coupled with the tendency to bust "J" arms, would be reason enough to leave it alone untill you can buy proper steering. Also remember that you wil need a long spline drive shaft or it will pull apart when the right front droops. Stock shackles aren't long enough or beefy enough for big travel, so you will need those too. Big flex is also really hard on even the best quality springs. They will sag and and start to break from fatigue. Expect to get about a year of hard trail use befiore all the bushings go away, and another year to start snapping main leaves, even with proper bump stops. I would wait untill the budjet can allow the proper parts and the increase in mantainence costs.
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i have all pro 4 inch springs,
the first trail i tried to run i couldnt turn all that happened was the truck would flex it sucked, Zags was there, he saw it,
if its working for you now leave it alone!
Have the ball on your J-arm flipped or buy one that is already flipped. I ran a flipped ball J-arm for 5 years of hard wheeling with no problem. That takes alot of stress off the J-arm when flexing.

I finally went to high steer this summer and think I still have my reversed ball j-arm (and a spare) laying around somewhere.
Let me know if you want to sell it, and the spare, and for how much.. may be a cheap solution for now. How much flex were you able to get with that set up without running into some major steering problems? What springs were you using?


I wouldn't do it, until you can do it right, saw 3 broken j arms my last trip to fordyce.
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