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This truck was awesome man... It was my baby... Im sellin her off as a project truck or an awesome parts truck..... Iong story short i fliped her upside down........ The Bad- the cab is crushed and not fixable the bed is banged up really good but could possibly be used after major work...... The Good - The engine is perfect, a Vortech 350 that runs like a dream, i put nothing but mobal 1 synthetic in it..... The transmission is perfect I had just changed the fluid and it got a new filter..... The rear end is perfect, all 4 wheels and tires are perfect, the frame is perfect all of the interior from the seats to the dash to the radio everything is great... When you turn the key on the radio is still playing the Cd i had in it when i fliped the truck.... All the speakers are good... The fuel tank has no leaks and has 20 gallons of fuel in it.......... The truck is still a very good truck mecanical wise... The body is all that took the damage...

* Will up load Pics Tonight *
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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