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Hi Everyone.

My cousin and I are building a 88 F250 mud truck for as cheap as possible. It has a 460 - C6 - NP208 - Sterling 10.25 - and a IFS 44 up front. We found a Dana 60 out of a Dodge for $300. Spring perches are no problem (we will relocate the springs to fit the axle when we do the shackle flip in the front). The big problem is the Dodge D60 is passenger side drop. As I see it we have three options:

1: Retube the axle so the diff is on the drivers side. I have read up on retubing axles and am really not sure me and my cousin are up to it.

2: The guy with the D60 has a Dodge divorced 205 for $100. Just float the 205 behind the 208 and have the correct drop. Down side is it is another 100-150 pounds and mud trucks don't need all that extra gear reduction, plus we would have to get three new driveshafts made.

3. Flip the 208. Ford's Transfer case bolt patterns are circular so you can clock it all the way around in 60 degree increments. But if you flip a 208 so it is 120 degrees off where it was designed to operate I am afraid it will eat itself. If it were a Ford 205 I wouldn't hesitate to flip it but I have eaten one 208 personally, and I am afraid it will run into oiling problems and shortly thereafter self destruct. But if it would work that would be the easiest.

What do y'all think?

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