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I have 2 - 2.5" foa 16" travel coilovers set up with triple rates, and 2 - 2" 18" travel foa coilovers with triple rates and springs. Only used for mock up, but they sat outside on the vehicle. They never had nitrogen in them, one of the 2.5 has an oil leak. I am asking $1000 for shocks, springs, and triple rate kit. and yes they are the resivoir shocks. I will also trade for guns. I also have a set of dana 60 ballistic fab high steer arms with kingpin bushing kit and 1" spacers that i will let go for 400 shipped, they are brand new in the package, or like i said trade for guns. I also have diy 14 bolt disk brake kit i will sell for 50. i have rockwell diy pinion brake set ups with rotors that i will sell for 200 for both sets, one rotor has surface rust but is still good, only used for mock up.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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