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Here's our latest release from Oregon.. Good news, and congratulations to
Scott Morel, Scott Silver, Isabelle Spohn, and All our hardworking
supporters up in Oregon who helped to set a national precedent in state
refusal to acknowledge forest fees as a legitimate use of OUR resources.
Scott writes:

--- begin quoted ----

Here is a moment we've long awaited...

The Oregon State Senate has PASSED House Joint Memorial #15 declaring
the State of Oregon's opposition to the Northwest Forest Pass! We
still await the final vote tally, but Senate approval was the final
step in an approval process that took many months, and much effort on
the part of fee demo activists.

This development is a major black eye for the fee demo program. As
soon as a final version of the Memorial becomes available, I will send
it out to everyone who requests a copy. In the meantime, the initial
wording of the measure can be viewed at:

Our next step is to take all resolutions passed in Oregon, and ask our
Congressional delegation to take proactive steps to strike the four
year extension of fee demo from President Bush's budget.

For the moment, let us enjoy this significant victory. We all deserve
a well earned pat on the back.

Forwarded from a fee demo activist in Eugene:

Thank you for your input on HJM15 which would urge Congress to abolish
the Northwest Forest Pass portion of the Recreational Fee
Demonstration Program. I agree with your assessment of this program
and voted to support HJM15 today on the Senate floor. I am happy to
inform you that it was passed.

Again, thank you for your email.

Best Wishes,

Susan Castillo
State Senator
District 20
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